What’s in our name—today?

April 28th, 2020

Rebranding Sambal Lab

Progress is impossible without change

-George Bernard Shaw

And yet, change is hard to do—especially when you have a good name with a solid reputation. So we decided to keep the name, but look closer at what the name means to us and our clients today.

In 2010, the name Sambal Lab was created for a strat and brand consulting firm while being a unique Malaysian spin on our founder’s name Balreet—Sambal (or ‘Some of Bal’ because her industry-renowned expertise is what our clients would get) and Lab (the place where ideas and strats are formulated).

Today, following a decade of success, a new Sambal Lab emerges; one with a new confidence in its work and a strong unique position in the marketplace. We now hold our own.

In initial experiments with the design, we realise how taking out the ‘chilli’ reveals more of our name, which in turn reveals this new confidence in who we are. Sambal Lab now sits boldly on its own. No accessories required.

What’s new is the letter ‘l’ which is simplified to an exclamation point, marking a eureka moment. Because ultimately, ‘ideas’ remain central to the success of Sambal Lab. It’s our greatest asset.

Internally, the rebranding looks to streamline Sambal Lab’s processes and thinking into a exciting new path forward. A significant part of this is Visible Brand Actions™,  a Sambal Lab proprietary which we’ll tell you more about soon.