But we wore Gold and Silver..

March 29th, 2021

It’s customary to wear green for St Paddy’s,
but we wore gold and silver.

At the Marketing Excellence Awards held during St Patrick’s Week,
Sambal Lab bagged Gold for Brand Strategy, and Silver for Consumer
Engagement, both for Guinness Taste Perfection.

Nobody knows why drinkers wear green during St Patrick’s Day. One theory is that leprechauns (who also celebrate the occasion obviously) would pinch anybody not wearing green.

Why leprechauns pinch people is another mystery altogether. Perhaps they’re purveyors of fine green cloths and wish to express their displeasure when people don’t wear the right colour. Or like a bull, they get annoyed whenever they see certain tinges.

All these thoughts swirled in Jodh’s head as he sipped his Guinness. Been a good year so far, he thought to himself. New business, couple of pitch wins, new colleagues, zero complaints of inappropriate behaviour during and outside office hours.

Jodh and several Samballians were huddled around Arvind’s laptop at the neighbourhood pub. The watering hole was known for its food, fresh draughts, friendly crowd, and welcoming ambience. Only on this particular evening, the Marketing Excellence Awards 2020 virtual presentation ceremony was being streamed live from Singapore.

“St. Pat’s Day was 2 days ago,” commented Bal. “Wonder if the luck of the Irish be with us?”

Arvind, Account Manager, staunch Catholic and potential future Jesuit priest, moved his lips slightly and appeared to be talking to St Patrick himself. Dawn silently stroked the lucky gemstone she carried everywhere.

“Who’re we up against?” asked Jenny. She was still miffed that the show, scheduled for last year, had to be postponed several times. The woman was dressed to the nines, as if ready to collect an award on stage with fireworks going off in the background.

“Tough competition,” replied Jodh. “For Excellence in Brand Strategy, we’re looking at heavyweights like Berocca, Celcom, Coke, RHB, UEM, Wonda and Yeo’s. For Excellence in Consumer Engagement, we have to be better than Alcon, BFM, BMW, Danone, Durex, Goodday, Mitsubishi, RHB, and Taylor’s Uni.”

“I love a good fight,” said Bal. “That’s why we’re ordering another round. Bartender!”

The rest of the gang sat a few feet away in the dingy corner of the bar, ostensibly tuned in to the same show. Once in a while somebody would look up from their respective devices to check if the supply of food and drinks was still forthcoming.

Bal stood up and straightened her jacket. Regal as ever, Queen Balmidala stretched out her hand, palm faced downwards, as if waiting for somebody to bend low, hold and kiss it. The bartender placed several mugs of Guinness on their table. Jodh kept his gaze on the laptop. Wired as always, he removed the cigarette from his lips and blew a wisp of smoke - it was going to be a long night.

“Relax,” said a voice next to him. It came from a little person in a green outfit, buckled shoes and pointy hat. He picked up Jodh’s glass, lifted it in the air. “We’ll make it. We’re made of more,” he whispered, and proceeded to empty the contents in a single, uninterrupted gulp. “Sláinte!”



Now in its eighth year, the Marketing Excellence Awards was created to recognise outstanding work in Malaysia’s marketing industry. Entries are judged by a panel of senior, client-side marketers.