Guinness Taste Perfection

Experiential Activation

After being dormant for years, a local porter unexpectedly launches a campaign in 2018, centred around quality ingredients and taste mirroring the brand assets of Guinness including techniques of a 'perfect pour'; it seemed adamant on saying it frequent enough till it becomes true. To set the record straight, Sambal Lab set the stage nationwide for immersive liquid-to-lip sessions by Guinness Brand Ambassador Cian Hulm to give Malaysian consumers and frontliners a hands-on experience in the secret Brewing Ingredients of Guinness and the Guinness Two-Part Pour.

13,000 people engaged, 17,000 glasses consumed, RM1 million in PR Value achieved. Nationwide sales growth of 20% of Guinness Draught at end of campaign, the highest in previous 12 months.

Critical Review
Guinness has never seen a significant growth for many years. Usually, it's a steady and gradual growth.
Senior Brand Manager, Guinness Malaysia

Great to see how hard you (the Malaysian team and agency) are working Cian and the impact that he is having. The quality of execution of your perfect pint work is of exceptionally high quality. It looks extremely premium, crafted and very distinctive.
Diageo Global Head of Beer, Baileys and Smirnoff