Hennessy VS & VSOP Cocktail

PR Programme

It‘s November 2019, fast approaching the year-end festivities and house parties. Throughout the year, there has been a growing cocktail culture. Hennessy introduces a timely home cocktail set for young adults to make Hennessy a special part of the Golden Age of New Cocktails.

But what’s Hennessy Very Special to young Malaysian adults? Nothing special. In fact, many have no knowledge about cognacs. But as far as millennials and mixology are concerned, they can be experts in anything they put their mind into. Sambal Lab propose to sell precisely that attitude for Hennessy through 20 peer influencers, and at 0 ad spend.

94 Posts, 26 Peer Influencers, 0 Ad Spend.

Total Reach of 870,000.

810% in PR Value, or ROI of 2910% surpassing target of 1,200%.