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Trade Loyalty Programme

Unfeasible to compete with the high-value trade loyalty rewards, gifts and cash of bigger tobacco companies, Sambal Lab work from ground up, meeting with and listening to what Retailers, Runcits and Frontliners themselves really want out of the trade partnership. The key take-out? Bigger companies often do not know their partners or understand their business. Gathered insights revealed how Provisions were losing out to hypermarts; they find it hard to evolve and stay competitive in the new landscape. Retailers were asking for anything that could help them grow. They simply had no idea where to start. Daily disruptions such as pest problems were quoted high on the list of business challenges.

While bigger tobacco companies offer ’emotional rewards’, Sambal Lab reposition JTI’s trade programme to one which understands its partners and their real-world business challenges.

The result : an expansive digital trade partnership programme rewarding loyal partners and sales performers with real business solutions and traditional gift rewards – while amassing precious Big Data on trade sales, activity and practise.

Projected ROI of 284% based on 15% margin in sales contribution.

Simple and delivers solutions that meet my immediate and long term needs.
JTI Business Partners

The programme sees me as an individual and is not designed with my boss in mind; it provides me with support that helps me cope with life, tools for my personal development and enjoyment I hardly get on my own.
JTI Trade Staff